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We want to make great looking websites affordable for all businesses. Your business can also be a force online either with a brand new website or just like, a fancy redesign that's not only affordable but can help you convert browsers into customers. We have a philosophy at Shoosh Monkey of making tech simple for our clients and website design is no different.

There are so many important factors to consider when developing a website that most people either fail to realise and don't implement or find too difficult to understand and… well….. don't implement.

Our build and design process has over

The making of

body intel old website.png

The initial conversation was sparked from you, the loyal Body Intelligence clients. Little pieces of feedback such as “where do i find your prices?”, “how do I book online?” or “there's too much information here, can you just tell me ….”.

This created an unnecessary load on staff forcing excessive admin work and placing strains on timeframes for their core business, pilates.

Getting from point A to point B was difficult and unclear for customers and not to mention updating pages was clunky and time consuming as each one had to be properly formatted.

Belinda asked us [Shoosh Monkey] to help, first we went through her list of grievances with the online process which included:

  • Structure of the site
  • Too much information
  • No clear path for customers to book or pay for classes (payment was 95% manual which is time consuming)
  • Design was tired

And then we looked at how the customer interacted with the website through analytics and other tools. We looked at consumer trends, where there were directing their frustration and how they were getting the task done (mostly email). This gave us a clear direction for the brief.

Our brief

We needed to take the pressure off staff responsible for administrative tasks so they could spend the majority of their efforts on teaching and instructing pilates. Here's the major items in the brief:

  • Allow new clients sign ups through the website - not via phone or on-premise
  • Make the MindBody app more accessible and prominent
  • Allow customers (new and existing) to view the schedule and make bookings
  • Create a better customer experience online
  • Deliver more value to customers with information, assistance and specials (Coming soon)

We looked at many templates from Webflows extensive range and selected the Gravity template which suited her industry and brief requirements. Over the next few weeks we began heavily customising the template to match her brand and ensuring the information the customers needed was easily accessible like class timetable, opening hours, Price list etc.

The result? Well take a look around, it's clear to navigate, most of the unnecessary information has been striped out of your way (don't worry the helpful information will be added into some FAQ sections coming soon), now has a contemporary design and is mobile responsive!

front page 3.png

We still have some extra sections that will have news and special deals etc presented on the front page, FAQs and more. Belinda and her team are able to easily update the website live if they wish and we can update the design on a monthly basis for her to accommodate customer trends and cycles.

If you would like to get a web presence for your business with a spiffy website or update your tired site please come on over for a chat.

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