Stretch and Release Workshop (two hours)

This workshop is designed to address muscular stiffness and tightness in the body by teaching a range of techniques to encourage muscles to lengthen and relax. When muscles are tight we are unable to effectively strengthen them. When this tightness is addressed we see increased mobility in the body and are more effective in strength and conditioning classes.

The workshop will address areas such as neck and upper trap pain, hamstring tightness, hip flexor tightness.  It will begin with basic breathing techniques to put the body in a receptive state and promote greater muscular length and release. It will take participants through a range of active and passive stretching techniques that can be easily performed at home to promote overall health. There will be education around focused areas of muscle tightness and how this is often linked to muscle weakness.

Workshop cost: $60

This is an open workshop, no previous experience necessary (pending pre exercise screen approval)

Following this workshop, there will be weekly stretch classes run for 45 minutes at the studio, classes TBA, please keep an eye on our schedule.

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