Using zoom for our online live Pilates sessions

Please see below some useful links on how to get set up for using Zoom. You do not need an account to join the meeting, you just need to download the app for your computer (link below)  

Or via google play or the apple store for your phone or device.  

Once you have the software downloaded you can select the link in the invite and it should open up your camera on your device and connect you to the meeting. 

You will see the instructor and have the option of allowing them to see your screen or for you to only see the instructors screen. 

Please set up your device so we can see you on the mat, and have to hand a theraband/ towel and pillow/ cushion. 

Please consider your set up prior to class, generally having your device about 2m away allows us to see you. If you can play with the camera angle, all the better! 

If you have an IPAD or Apple Device and  Smart TV it is possible to cast the device to your TV giving you a bigger screen to view the instructor. 

Zoom has been experiencing a high level of demand and on occasion the signal has dropped out, normally this will automatically connect again and you won't need to do anything. 

For the month of April we will open the meeting room 15 minutes before class starts to assist people to sign in, get ready and ask any questions.