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Getting Started with Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is for everyone! It caters for beginners right the way through to experienced athletes. It doesn't matter what your age or fitness level is - you can benefit from Pilates. The main success of Pilates lies in it's ability to train you to engage the core muscles effectively to support functional movement - this can assist with a healthier back, flatter stomach, and more toned, mobile and flexible body.  In an age where we are frequently spending our time sitting for long periods and hunched in front of computers,  Pilates directly combats this by teaching you better postural habits, stretching your body out and strengthening your muscles to prevent pain and poor posture.  

Studio Pilates vs Mat Pilates?

At Body Intelligence we offer two types of Pilates, Studio and Mat. Both are designed to provide you with a holistic full body workout.

Studio Pilates uses specialised pieces of equipment to provide resistance and support for your body. These sessions are usually undertaken in small groups of up to 4 people. In these sessions you will undertake your own program designed to work on your specific goals under the supervision of an instructor.  If you are new to pilates it is highly recommended you complete the new starter pack.

Mat Pilates is undertaken in a group and is a prescribed set of exercises designed to give you a full body workout. These classes are generally suitable for everyone, however if you have specific injuries you may be better off starting with studio pilates.  Typically mat classes go for an hour and run over a 10 week term to provide you with the opportunity to develop technique and progress. If you are new to Mat Pilates it is recommended you undertake at least one 10 week term of introductory pilates.

 We also offer private mat sessions, these provide the chance to understand the basics of Pilates and are also an excellent refresher for those who have had a break from mat classes and just need to go over the basics before heading to Foundation level class.

What do I need to bring?

Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing that you are able to move freely in, tracksuit pants or yoga pants with a t-shirt is a good choice. Shoes are not worn during class, but you do need to wear socks. Mats and equipment are provided. We encourage you to switch off your mobile, leave your concerns at the door, and use the time to focus on yourself and your body.

New Starter Pack - Studio 

An ideal introduction to Pilates or a great way to revisit the basics. This includes 3 private (one on one) sessions, as well as one session in a small group using the equipment. Investing this time in quality instruction will assist you to learn the fundamentals, whilst developing a deeper understanding of how your body works, including the mind body connection.  We pay particular attention to form and muscle activation, as well as provide insights into your posture and movement mechanics during the sessions.
Once you have registered your details are sent through to us and we will be in contact to arrange your first private session. After completing the New Starter Pack most clients go on to attend studio classes regularly once or twice per week to continue to make improvements and work towards their goals.
If you are returning to Pilates and have had more than a twelve month break we require you to complete the new starter pack. If you've had a six month break you will need to complete at least one private session before starting in a semi private class.

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