Equipment Pilates

Body Intelligence provides personalised studio sessions tailored to your body. These private or semi private sessions offer a higher level of individual attention and can be extremely helpful if you are rehabilitating from injury or have a specific goal.  

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matwork AND 
REFormer classes

Group Classes offer a place for a whole body workout, focusing on firing up your core and working all of your muscles. Mat based Pilates is a gentle, low impact exercise but a serious strength workout.

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Getting started?

Our introductory package is perfect introduction to Pilates. A qualified instructor will assess your posture, look at your strengths and weaknesses and teach you the essential foundations of core activation.

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can I book on mobile?

YES! Easily find and book your next class on our BodyIntel app. If you are a new client, register here first. Then, install from your app store, and login with your account name and password. Here you can see the schedule, manage your account and book your classes.