Bookings and Pre-Payment

Pre-booking and pre-payment is required for ALL sessions and classes as space is limited. This includes when attending group classes on a casual basis.

In the event that there are not enough participants to run a class, the class will be cancelled and a credit will be placed on your account to attend another class.

Health and safety

If you have an injury you must inform the instructor so that appropriate modifications can be made to ensure exercises are safe.

Our instructors reserve the right to deny participation in a class if they feel the client’s health or safety may be compromised, such as when you are sick or injured.

Please arrive on-time for your class, clients who are more than 5 minutes late may be denied entry as you will miss the warm-up which is an essential part of the class and important for your own safety.

Please ensure that all mobile phones are turned-off or on silent.

Clean socks (preferably non-slip) must be worn to each session or class.

For group classes, please spray and wipe down all mats and equipment you may have used.

Cancellation policy

You must notify the studio at least 24 hours prior to cancelling or changing any session (including initial assessments and privates) otherwise you will be charged the full cost of the session.  Sessions can be cancelled via the app or online by logging into your MindBody account and cancelling the session from your schedule.

Standing / Ongoing appointments for studio sessions

Standing appointments will be booked in an ongoing manner for your convenience. Time-limits apply to pre-bought packages (such as blocks of 10 or 20 semi-private sessions). Sessions not used within the stated time-frame are not redeemable.

Studio clients are entitled to reschedule standing appointments and to put their booking on hold for a maximum of 4 weeks (excluding studio shut-down dates). If you are away for more than 4 weeks at a time the studio reserves the right to offer your session to another client, unless you pay a holding fee.

Studio Sessions minimum numbers policy

Studio sessions should have a minimum of 2 people to run as a group. If you are the only client booked in (due to cancellations) you will be contacted and offered to reschedule your appointment.

Minimum-numbers policy for mat classes:

Body Intelligence requires a minimum of 4 participants to run a class. Please check the on-line schedule regularly to ensure there are no changes to the schedule. If we must cancel a class, we will notify participants by telephone and/or email and a make-up class will be scheduled or you will be refunded the value of the individual class.

Make up policy for classes:

You must cancel your own classes via the app or online, all classes must be cancelled within 24 hours, or the full session fee will be charged.

We realise that sometimes things come up that are out of your control, such as illness. Please contact the studio at pilates@bodyintel.com.au to see if there is a session available to make up a late cancellation. This will be strictly in a class before your next scheduled session not instead of it and will  be subject to availability in classes that week