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A perfect introduction to studio pilates

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A perfect introduction to studio pilates

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studio Classes

Studio classes are Pilates at it's best. Initially we work with you one on one to assess your body, listen to your goals and design an engaging and challenging program. Then the fun begins as we teach you how to use all the amazing Pilates equipment. Programs are updated regularly to continue to advance clients.

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matwork  classes

Group Classes offer a place for a whole body workout, focusing on firing up your core and working all of your muscles. Each mat class is different and has a specific focus to provide variety and challenge. Class sizes are small to ensure correct technique and maximum benefit.

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 Reformer classes

A Reformer is piece of equipment designed to provide resistance and challenge through it's use of springs. These classes work your whole body hard, by strengthening, lengthening, focusing on your core muscles and challenging your stability and balance.

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Who are we?

We are Dickson's only fully equipped Pilates and  studio. At Body Intelligence we offer a variety of ways you can incorporate Pilates into YOUR life. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury or looking to get fitter and firmer, there is a class to suit your needs, age and fitness levels. 

Pilates is also well known for improving and activating “core strength”.  Activating your deep postural muscles and re-educating your body to release and unwind over-worked parts will leave you feeling ‘long, strong and aligned’.

What can pilates do for me?

Pilates is a great way to improve overall body awareness, posture, flexibility, balance and muscle control. It assists the body to learn how to move freely and efficiently during daily activities, occupation and sports. 

can I book on mobile?

YES! Easily find and book your next class on our BodyIntel app. If you are a new client, register here first. Then, install from your app store, and login with your account name and password. Here you can see the schedule, manage your account and book your classes.